Custom Signed Prints

The best way to buy my work is to purchase from a local Chicago seller like Midwest Nice (FKA Sacred Art). The prints sold at local sellers are personally made by me, signed and dated individually.

Since I make these prints myself, quantities are limited. Contact Midwest Nice and they’ll be happy to help you find what you’re looking for. If they don’t have it, I can get it included in the next restock.

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More Cool Stuff

I also sell lots of prints, stickers, t-shirts and other merch through online shops. Note that prints from these shops are not signed.

Threadless T-Shirts

A bunch of t-shirt designs from Threadless, a local Chicago t-shirt shop.

EvanArt Threadless T-Shirt Shop
Rebubble EvanArt Shop

My Redubble shop offers international shipping and a huge vareity of merchandise.

EvanArt Redbubble Shop
EvanArt Coloring Book

Transmissions from the Twenty Second City is a coloring book, featuring over 26 pages of EvanArt linework for your coloring pleasure!

Coloring Book Shop