Evan Robert Miller

About Me

After graduating from Indiana University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a Certificate in Art Administration I moved to Saint Charles, Illinois where I worked as Web Designer for a small business web design company called Web Works. After two years of developing small business websites from scratch and a promotion to Senior Web Designer, I moved on to the position of Web Designer and Developer at Cappex.com in Chicago, Illinois. There I worked as Cappex's in-house web and print designer, overseeing all design work for a company with over 40 employees and a product with over four million registered users. In 2012 I left Cappex to take a role as Senior Web Designer for Northern Trust's marketing/creative services department, where I stayed until Spring 2014. I currently work for a Chicago-based technology company called Perkspot, as Lead Designer.

About This Site

I created evanart.com as a portfolio of my web design work, as well as my artistic endeavors. I have very eclectic tastes, so throughout the site you will find web and print design, drawings and paintings ranging from fine art to cartoonish illustrations, and a lot more.

evanart.com is built with WordPress, and the evanart theme was designed by myself and based on Bones from Themble. It was built with HTML5 and CSS3 using LESS. The graphics were made using Photoshop. I use Git for version control, and if you'd like you can clone this theme on GitHub.