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NT Project: Northern Trust Open Responsive Redesign

In the fall of 2013 I took on the task of totally rebuilding the Northern Trust Open website into a fully responsive design to cater to the mobile and tablet audience. The site was originally designed a year before, so a major challenge was to keep the core functionalty the same while allowing for a rich experience across all devices. The site was built around a content management system called Site Publisher, so the UX had to be build with the content management system's component/template structure in mind.

Visit the live Northern Trust Open website.

NT Project:

In 2013 Northern Trust embarked on a total redesign of, one of the company’s primary investment sites. While the design and user experience was initialy put together by an outside agency, the decision was made to build the site in house using our Web Publishing department’s implementation of Interwoven Site Publisher. I was brought on to the project to ensure the site would be built to specifications from a design standpoint, as well as to implement a semi-responsive layout for easier tablet readability.

My Key Contributions:

  • All CSS development, working with front end developers in Web Publishing who built the HTML.
  • Rethinking and redesigning of several site components to better fit the business’s needs.
  • Quality control on initial build.


NT Project: Path Forward Landing Page

Path Forward is an example of one of the many marketing-oriented landing pages I’ve designed and built for Northern Trust. The page has a simple set of objectives, focusing on the delivery of a research paper and newsletter sign up call to action. Working with the business managers I designed and developed the site to their specifications.

My Key Contributions:

  • User experience design, from initial concept to build.
  • Visual design merging Northern Trust brand standards with print and marketing materials from the campaign.
  • Fully responsive device agnostic HTML5/CSS3 development, from mobile to tablet to desktop.
  • JavaScript implementation for user interface enhancements.
  • Quality assurance testing, site optimization and deployment to production

Path Forward is a private site. Contact me for more informaiton.

Northern Trust (2012-2014)

Northern Trust LogoIn September of 2012 I left to take the role of Senior Web Designer at Northern Trust. At Northern Trust I am part of a small but growing web design team, working with Digital Marketing, Creative Services and Web Publishing to grow Northern Trust's web marketing presence. I assume a great deal of responsibilities including but not limited to:
  • Adapting, developing and protecting the Northern Trust brand on various new digital mediums.
  • User experience design for sites ranging from small landing pages to major client facing information centers.
  • Visual design for any and all web sites built around the Northern Trust brand.
  • Front end development for internal and external Northern Trust websites, focusing on HTML and CSS and responsive design.

Professional Work – Overview

This category covers web design, print design and illustration I have done throughout my professional career. It is broken up into several sections:

I currently work as Lead Designer for a Chicago based tech company called PerkSpot. I don’t currently have any of my work with PerkSpot in this portfolio, but you can check out the marketing site I designed in mid-2014 here.

Northern Trust

I worked at Northern Trust from 2012-2014 as Senior Web Designer.


I worked at Cappex from 2010-2012 as Web Designer and Developer.

Web Works

I worked at Web Works from 2008-2012 as Senior Web Designer.

Freelance Work

Every once in a while I like to pick up Freelance projects, usually because I’m either interested in the subject matter, or I want to help out a friend.

Mother’s Milk Bank Booklet and Infographic

In late 2012, a former coworker of mine approached me to design a fundraising booklet for a fledgling non-profit called Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes. Their ultimate goal is to open and operate a milk bank to help meet the need for pasteurized donor milk in the Wisconsin and Illinois area. It was a great opportunity to do some outside design work and to help out a good cause, so I agreed to do the project free of charge. It was a very rewarding experience.

View Full Mother’s Milk Bank Booklet & Infographic (PDF)

Mothers' Milk Bank Booklet Page Spread 2-3

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Mothers' Milk Bank Booklet Infographic

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Mothers' Milk Bank Booklet Page Spread 7-8

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